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  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 07:11Reply #72907
    i didn't know there was a video to the image sweet.
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 07:36Reply #72913
    Thanks to whoever uploaded this! Amazing to see a video to go with the screenshot
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 10:19Reply #72924
    She never stopped being extraordinary, I see.
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 11:21Reply #72934
    Not all heroes wear caps.
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 11:25Reply #72937
    I mean capes!
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 15:03Reply #72963
    This is sacred.
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 15:25Reply #72967
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 17:08Reply #72971
    She got huge!
  • guest - Monday 28 January 2019 17:36Reply #72974
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 00:29Reply #72984
    Was pissed about some bullshit necropost on her until I saw this
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 05:27Reply #72992
    She'd still be around if some people on Curvage didn't run her off. Other models have been banned there for creating fake accounts just to troll
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 17:37Reply #73033
    So how old is this video?

    If this has been uploaded, hopefully more, 'new' Azismiss videos will be too
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 18:23Reply #73035
    Doubt we'll ever see her again, as she left the community due to people on Curvage saying shitty things to her (not the first time this has happened to models there)
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 21:23Reply #73047
    Once again curvage fucking everything up. What a cesspool of a site that place is. Big thanks to those who upload here so I never have to skim through pages of garbage posts to find content
  • guest - Tuesday 29 January 2019 21:48Reply #73048
    >>73047 curvage is still better than feabie. But I think the root of it is this community being shitty overall
  • Qemarar - Wednesday 30 January 2019 01:03Reply #73055
    Curvage didn't dox Thickening Blonde... I'll forever hate this site because of that.

    People on curvage were rightuflly pissed with Azismiss because she took people's money for custom clips then never delivered nor refunded them. When she returned, people on feabie hounded her to death.

    Compare the average comments on stuffer db to curvage and you'll see a world of difference. I'm tired of so many people on this site commenting, "I want to get you pregnant." or "You're so sexy, please get bigger." Even though the comment box specifically says these girls aren't posting the content. Curvage also keeps users accountable by flagging hateful or moronic comments, this site doesn't even bother.
  • guest - Wednesday 30 January 2019 05:36Reply #73066
    Going the custom route is never a good idea. It's nearly impossible to keep sales straight when you have hundreds of men messaging you every single day
  • guest - Wednesday 30 January 2019 08:25Reply #73068
    People act retarded on Curvage too, in fact because of the moderation I'd say even more so

    If you want to fuck a fat bitch instead of just nutting to someones pics onlines, go outside and find a broad for yourself instead of messaging cam models/thots like they give a shit
  • guest - Thursday 31 January 2019 09:06Reply #73180
    She looks a lot like HousewifeSwag here
  • XDman - Wednesday 13 February 2019 00:26Reply #74563
    Thank you to whoever uploaded this

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