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Fixed the 400mb (and 2mb) upload limit + flash uploader error 403 error
New: Logged in members can edit and delete their own uploads!
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3000MB. jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mpg, mpeg, zip, rar, avi, pdf, flv, wmv, mov, 7z, mkv, ogg, ogv, mp4, m4v, webm, webmv. i

Maximum file size: 3000MB. Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, mpg, mpeg, zip, rar, avi, pdf, flv, wmv, mov, 7z, mkv, ogg, ogv, mp4, m4v, webm, webmv.

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By uploading, you verify that all parties depicted in the content you're uploading consent to it being posted on StufferDB and are aware that you are doing so. You are representing that your files do not violate StufferDB's Terms of Service and that you are willing to provide any 2257 information upon request.

sDB allows: Stuffing, Weight gain, Feederism, Round bellies, and Chubby/BBW models that have gained. Full nudity. Skinny content is allowed if it is part of a noticeable gain. You can make an album under the sDB Members folder for yourself if you register and login before uploading.

sDB will remove: Unrelated skinny models, Chubby/BBW models that never show a change in size or weight, Facebook creep shots and most unrelated head only shots, Under aged anything.

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Notes / Tips
If you create a new album and it doesn't show up in the list, refresh this page. It will then show up for sure.
Double check that the album you chose hasn't changed while picking files before starting your upload.
Trumping (duplicating) an older upload with a higher quality version is allowed and encouraged. Leave a comment on the new file saying this is a trump so we can do something about the original lower quality version.
Once uploaded it will take about 2-5 minutes for the files to sync with the two other cdn servers, so don't worry if your upload appears broken initially.
While using the flash uploader, you can mass upload files using shift or control click on the file picker window. Everything will upload at once.