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Christmas cookies made me fat!

(old video)

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  • guest - Monday 24 December 2018 21:45Reply #69518
    Merry Christmas Baby! where ever you are....
  • guest - Tuesday 25 December 2018 00:08Reply #69522
    Fuck i got all excited i thought she was back
  • guest - Tuesday 25 December 2018 07:26Reply #69530
    Is she still gaining and still fat and going to release new videos?
  • guest - Tuesday 25 December 2018 19:29Reply #69567
    >>69530 people sent her content to her family and shit like that... so no... she wont be back
  • guest - Wednesday 26 December 2018 15:24Reply #69630
    the fuck? Why do people got to ruin a good thing like that?
  • guest - Thursday 27 December 2018 06:29Reply #69747
    >>69567 Jesus. That must've been a nightmare for her. She had mentioned that her family was super into fitness and really didn't like that she was getting big. They must've gone crazy once they found these vids.
  • guest - Monday 31 December 2018 01:18Reply #69952
    To the asshat who leaked her name over the internet. I hope you’re pleased with yourself..
  • guest - Sunday 6 January 2019 06:29Reply #70683
    im going to find and gut the guy slowly
  • guest - Wednesday 9 January 2019 00:02Reply #70980
    0:10 - 2:13 how was she able to get her belly to look so flat for so long?
  • guest - Wednesday 9 January 2019 00:04Reply #70981
    2:15: " I feel kind of funny", conjured up mental images of her doing a Blueberry inflation video. That would be so hot!
  • guest - Saturday 2 February 2019 23:38Reply #73449
    >>69567 Why in the flying FUCK would some godless sadist do something so horrible??? Like what the fuck would they have to gain (no pun intended) by releasing her shit to her fucking family??? She must’ve been humiliated the poor girl, like that’s her family she will literally never live that down, her and her family will carry that shame awkwardness for the rest of their lives. AND now we all suffer st the loss of this great gainer. So thanks to the malevolent, dumpster fire of a “human” who decided it would be a good idea to fuck up this girls life. I hope satan saves a special place in the most horrific circle of hell for you.
  • guest - Sunday 3 February 2019 04:31Reply #73473
    It's usually other web models who dox their competition

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