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  • guest - Thursday 2 March 2017 19:47Reply #29139
    Body positivity - A trick to make women feel happy about letting themselves go.
  • guest - Saturday 4 March 2017 17:54Reply #29233
    Honestly, I think this whole body positivity thing is bullshit, for their unhealthy lifestyle will sooner or later bring them multiple complications and diseases... But hey, as long as there are even more chubby girls to fap to, I'm OK with this.
  • guest - Saturday 4 March 2017 17:55Reply #29234
    Also, nice hair, love the colours.
  • guest - Saturday 4 March 2017 21:43Reply #29238
    >>29139 >>29233 It's super weird to me that there are people really into this kink, but still really hate fat people and think they're kinda gross. Like, sort your shit out my dude.
  • guest - Saturday 4 March 2017 23:26Reply #29239
    idk about everyone but once im done fappin I find fat women pretty disgusting until I need to fap again.
  • guest - Sunday 5 March 2017 13:28Reply #29264
    >>29239 dude I'm the same way
  • guest - Sunday 5 March 2017 18:12Reply #29281
    >>29139 god bless that trick
  • guest - Tuesday 7 March 2017 07:27Reply #29342
    Wow, this kink is not what I think it is. This community seems more of a trick than body positivity if this is how we think about fat people.
  • guest - Tuesday 7 March 2017 08:02Reply #29344
    >>29342 Do people with a foot fetish worry about foot positivity? They do not as they're not doing it to right the world against the dislike towards unsightly feet in need of moisturizing. They are into it because it's hot to them. Only a very small and vocal percentage of the entire niche community actually cares about body positivity. Doesn't make us evil, just reality.
  • guest - Wednesday 8 March 2017 00:06Reply #29363
    If this is how the community views fat people, then we're nothing more than a bunch of assholes who views women as sex objects. Seriously, you can't rebuttal that after a dude admitted that after he faps he doesn't find fat women attractive anymore.
  • guest - Wednesday 8 March 2017 17:39Reply #29401
    >>29363 If how I feel after im done fappin is keeping you up at night, sounds like your the one with the problem.
  • guest - Wednesday 8 March 2017 19:47Reply #29413
    Yeah lol there are at least two different things here
    1) what you find attractive
    2) what you think is morally good
    pedophiles find kids attractive but that doesn't mean they think its okay to rape kids. it would suck to be a pedo because there is no way of acting it out without hurting people.

    fat fetishes are the same way, and you can add a third factor
    3) what you think is healthy

    there can be any combination of these three components

    you can also probably break down 1) into two separate things
    1 a) what you find sexy
    1 b) what you find aesthetically pleasing

    from guests' comment, it sounds like he doesn't find fat women aesthetically pleasing, he doesn't think body positivity is good, perhaps he thinks being fat is a moral failing, but he still finds fat women sexy.

    for me personally, i think some are aesthetically pleasing, some aren't, some are sexy, some aren't; i think it's a scientific fact it's not healthy to be obese, but that it's not a moral failing. that's my opinion and feelings.

    the idea that people who share an attraction to fatties constitute a 'community' which should have a shared ideology is RIDICULOUS
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 03:55Reply #29430
  • MasterMarik - Thursday 9 March 2017 10:38Reply #29445
    >>29413 Pedos are people SEXUALLY attractied to children. That pretty much means they think it's okay to rape children. The guest user wasn't making sense. If you're fapping to women, you're obviously into them. There's no "oh I don't like women anymore" afterwards. You either like fat women or you don't.
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 14:11Reply #29451
    YER DUN BUD - Chris Hansen
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 18:20Reply #29466
    >>29445 um its simple obv some of the thicker girls are actually hot regardless of weight but other ones serve a purpose at the time ,but its the after fap regret of basically fappin to a cottege cheese balloon that makes me see the madness of it all
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 19:57Reply #29469
    >>29363 ...except that literally happens to me, as well. Its not like its a choice. A lot of the women on this site that get me off really are not pretty/beautiful... they just satisfy a somewhat annoying fetish I have.

    At least lately I've been having an easier time getting off traps, dickgirls and gay shit. Which is nice, cause, it doesn't bother me on a personal level. I'm not disgusted with myself afterwards, the boys are still pretty, and its not fundamentally unhealthy.
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 20:01Reply #29470
    >>29445 Except that I'll find fatties sexually attractive only before I've gotten off. I get done and lie there a moment, and I'll look back at the screen and be repulsed. Its not my choice! Don't ask me to justify it, that's just how the fetish works for me, and apparently other people too.

    And its like, you can get off to the thought of fattening someone up, and even find pics and shit, but that doesn't mean that you want to go out and do just that to someone. Cause like, its unhealthy.
  • MasterMarik - Thursday 9 March 2017 20:09Reply #29471
    >>29470 You guests make no sense. You fap to women that are clearly not your type and then regret it later. If you're that confused, then obviously you're not into fatter women.
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 21:27Reply #29472
    >>29470 You summed up how I feel perfectly, well said. Its like after the fact the curse has been lifted and you can see wtf you've just been fappin to.
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 21:44Reply #29473
    I know all your pain but I'm actually gaining...I feel so horny from my belly getting fatter but after I jack off all I feel is shame and disgust. If I could get rid of this fetish I would. I'm already nearly obese...
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 22:05Reply #29476
    This is by far my favorite thread, haven't laughed so hard in ages - not to discredit the comments, they are thought provoking and relevant, just find the conversation humorous for some reason...Hope the new discussion board opens soon lol. This is a very complex fetish
  • guest - Thursday 9 March 2017 22:07Reply #29478
    >>29344 Funniest comment ever, and so true!
  • guest - Friday 10 March 2017 10:49Reply #29506
    I love fapping to these fat chicks, but after I'm done I feel absolutely disgusted. So nasty and unhealthy, "feed me ,feed me, look guys I've gained 50lbs for you...." It's pathetic and nasty, we are feeding off their insecurities. But here I am fapping to it. We are all sick.
  • guest - Friday 10 March 2017 11:16Reply #29507
    I think chubby girls are more of a preference then a fetish.
  • guest - Friday 10 March 2017 11:21Reply #29508
    I would probably never date a fat girl too. I don't even know, we're just all weird. Or maybe everyone else is?
  • guest - Friday 10 March 2017 16:05Reply #29521
    Wow, this has shed some light on the community. I have nothing good to say other than you guys should go to some sort of therapist and sort this shit out, I know that I love fat women (250lbs is my limit) but if you guys feel some type of way you should really figure something out before you continue fapping in shame (I'm Reply #29363 btw).
  • guest - Friday 10 March 2017 18:06Reply #29530
    I'm beginning to think that this fetish is either a curse or a mental disorder
  • Be_Jammin - Friday 10 March 2017 18:58Reply #29533
    Yeah it really has. Further replies to this thread will be deleted.
  • guest - Saturday 11 March 2017 11:29Reply #29561
    >>29533 Why?
  • Xen - Saturday 11 March 2017 12:39Reply #29562
    >>29561 No clue. What he should have said was replies from the same person who keeps going on about how fucked we all are and how he just wants to feed girls till they die will be deleted, not everything. Lazy modding to blanket ban enforce things over a handful of shitposting.
  • guest - Sunday 12 March 2017 08:02Reply #29590
    >>29562 I didn't even see any comments like that. My comment got deleted and it wasn't anything like that.
  • Xen - Sunday 12 March 2017 15:27Reply #29613
    >>29590 Because you fell into the pit of lazy blanket modding. I put a stop to that.
  • Be_Jammin - Sunday 12 March 2017 16:26Reply #29616
    I apologize, feel free to post whatever.
  • graphite141417 - Monday 13 March 2017 06:15Reply #29637
    Isn't expending all your mental and physical energy on burning away your body unhealthy as well? Body positivity is just about being able to exist without an all consuming obsession with the reflection soceity demands you should have and live your life
  • graphite141417 - Monday 13 March 2017 06:16Reply #29638
    Also if your hate-mastrubating to these girls you definitely should seek help
  • guest - Monday 13 March 2017 08:56Reply #29649
    Body positivity in the feederism community isn't always just about letting yourself eat what you want & being accepted for who you are. Many feedees have to force themselves to eat more to get fatter, and once exposed to the FA community they no longer feel sexy or attractive being thin so there is great pressure to conform and get fat as possible. The fatter you are the more attention you get, etc. Reverse anorexia is a real thing.
  • guest - Monday 13 March 2017 21:33Reply #29682
    yeah there's def more to this than people think
  • guest - Thursday 1 June 2017 08:10Reply #32793
    Holy fucking shit, I did not realize so many people on this site were so messed up. Am I the only one who still likes the same thing before and after fapping?
  • guest - Friday 23 June 2017 00:07Reply #34326
    Idk there's some things that I still find hot afterwards but other things that I'm disgusted by. It's weird and I really wish I could be into just about anything else.
  • guest - Friday 23 June 2017 01:32Reply #34328
    >>32793 Nope, I also like the same things before and after. I'm not an amateur to the dick pulling game.
  • guest - Saturday 1 July 2017 20:19Reply #34623
    People can find things attractive for multiple reasons. Often, one of those reasons is you're horny. If so, it is likely that after you nut, that reason will be temporarily gone. If that happens to be by far the largest, or only, reasons for finding the 'object' attractive, it seems pretty likely you won't again find it attractive until you again have goo on the brain. On the other hand, if that is only one of many reasons for your attraction, as it is (I think) for many people that have been fapping to this crap since childhood, or if you are just always horny, you will still be into this stuff (if perhaps slightly less) after blowing your nut. Kumbaya, mafqs.
  • guest - Saturday 1 July 2017 20:20Reply #34624
    also, like 80% of American women get fat, about half of those super fat. these ones are doing it for money and pleasure at least. seems better than from depression and weakness. like everyone else
  • guest - Sunday 2 July 2017 17:27Reply #34645
    On this thread... my girlfriend is pretty thin and I'd like her to stay that way but every once and awhile I come here and fap one out. It's kinda like the people who smoke in secret.
  • guest - Tuesday 4 July 2017 23:09Reply #34734
    this thread has been so enlightening
  • Aeonsoul - Friday 11 May 2018 19:48Reply #52778
    Body positivity is more about accepting yourself as you are than anything else. Nothing more nothing less.
  • guest - Monday 18 June 2018 19:08Reply #55506
    bi girl here. I get off exclusively to this fetish (wg in males and females). Am actually super healthy/fit IRL and tend to date fit guys for the lifestyle match. I think the fetish is about letting go of control being hot, at least for me.

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