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Preview - Eris Stuffed Fat Belly Compilation

Created on
Sunday 31 July 2016
Eris Stuffed Belly Compilation.mp4
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  • Xen - Sunday 31 July 2016 13:47Reply #17424
    I moved this video to this album since it looks like you may have accidentally uploaded to the wrong one. Let me know if i'm wrong or you want it somewhere else instead.
  • Claire - Sunday 31 July 2016 14:42Reply #17425
    Oops, which album did it originally get posted in? I had selected "Other models from Claire's studio" and then I added the link and uploaded. Sorry if I screwed it up somehow and thanks for getting it in the right spot! :)
  • Xen - Sunday 31 July 2016 15:05Reply #17428
    >>17425 The unknown videos album lol. But no worries, that actually compelled me to finally stare at the code and attempt to figure out how to make a working "Upload here" button which has been on the todo list for too long, and I somehow managed to actually figure out how to get that to work. Feel free to try it out next time at the top right of your album, no longer have to lookup your album in that long list anymore!
  • Claire - Sunday 31 July 2016 19:22Reply #17438
    Oh awesome! Glad my brain fart inspired you, haha! ;) I'll give that a try next time for sure, probably this evening.
  • guest - Tuesday 2 August 2016 21:56Reply #17602
    Do one for a Brandi stuffing compilation pls
  • Claire - Friday 5 August 2016 02:10Reply #17763
    Will do! Making a compilation of Brandi's biggest most stuffed bellies from different stuffing videos of her is definitely on my to-do list for this month! :)
  • guest - Tuesday 25 October 2016 07:09Reply #22316
    Eris is awesome

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