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Trying on old clothes I'm too fat for

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y2mate.com - trying_on_old_clothes_that_i_am_too_fat_for_eLjm_LIzWQ4_1080p.mp4
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  • guest - Monday 18 March 2019 20:08Reply #77483
    She has some legs on her, damn!
  • guest - Tuesday 19 March 2019 10:45Reply #77527
    Can y’all get the videos or not we need to hurry up and get these so we can share them, nobody has time to pay for her crap
  • guest - Tuesday 19 March 2019 14:29Reply #77541
    I would never pay money for her content for two reasons. 1. This is 2005 webcam quality video 2. She's a crazy bipolar person that'll remove all of her content on a whim
  • guest - Tuesday 19 March 2019 17:47Reply #77555
    >>77541 lol well actually i just got a new DSLR so the videos look a lot better now, and I'm not as bipolar as i use to be if at all, but thank you for you concern :)
  • guest - Tuesday 19 March 2019 17:49Reply #77557
    >>77527 find something better to do. if you can support my work.. don't watch it, fam.
  • guest - Thursday 21 March 2019 02:41Reply #77652
    Make sure to file that on your tax return.
  • guest - Tuesday 16 April 2019 23:53Reply #80030
    naw she def still crazy and bipolar , always in some drama wit someone , maybe in her head she think she ok but she aint

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