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I did it! (Goal weight reached)

old video

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  • guest - Saturday 9 March 2019 11:33Reply #76618
    In my opinion, she was The GOAT. Great personality, perfect belly, and gigantic cans. Too bad some clown ruined it for everyone.
  • guest - Saturday 9 March 2019 13:10Reply #76631
    She was done gaining though so would have left anyway
  • guest - Saturday 9 March 2019 16:38Reply #76674
    No, she said about a week or two before she left that she was start gaining again. It was so sad to see that some asshole tried to ruin her life.
  • guest - Saturday 9 March 2019 22:33Reply #76686
    Fuck you for getting my hopes up, you cruel bastard uploader.
  • guest - Sunday 10 March 2019 00:35Reply #76693
    I don’t think that’s true, she might’ve been done gaining but she was going to maintain her weight and continue posting
  • guest - Sunday 10 March 2019 05:14Reply #76701
    The only reason people purchased her vids was to see her get fatter. Once a girl is done gaining, guys lose interest.
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 09:33Reply #76799
    >>76701 Speak for yourself.

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