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  • guest - Sunday 10 March 2019 18:35Reply #76764
    For context to her weight gain/loss, this is new as of 3/10/2019. I believe she streamed this just a few days prior
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 10:12Reply #76803
    she doesn't seem she's losing...she actually looks bigger with that belly and i hope she gains a lot more
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 06:16Reply #76937
    AGAIN y'all are not really taking into account angles before jumping to "hnnng she's gaining."

    Her boobs are being squished by her arms so they look wider and give the illusion her belly is sticking out further.
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 07:19Reply #76947
    >>76937 okay, just so you get frustrated a bit less when reading the comments on these pics, take into account that the people who actually think she’s gaining are just talking out of their ass. They’re commenting and saying that just because they want it to be true. Trust me, I’m someone who wants to see her get bigger but I read comments like this and yeah, nobody takes into account other factors like angles and oh idk, the fact that she despises the fetish that these sites promote.
  • guest - Thursday 14 March 2019 22:40Reply #77070
    who the fuck care if she despises the fetish. She is DEFINITELY not trying to gain. But it doesn't matter! She can't help herself. She's fatter than ever.

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