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  • guest - Saturday 9 March 2019 09:34Reply #76614
    Inb4 everyone says “she’s losing weight” “she looks thinner” “she’s on a diet”... lmfao how dumb are people
  • guest - Sunday 10 March 2019 13:55Reply #76741
    She's really lost weight. What a shame.
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 05:13Reply #76789
    Lmao. She hasn't lost weight. Her fits are fatter than ever a d you can see more stretch marks. Retards.
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 06:11Reply #76793
    >>76789 THANK YOU I don’t understand how people think she’s losing lol like how dumb are you
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 08:44Reply #76796
    Isn't this screenshot from a several-month-old video, though?
  • guest - Monday 11 March 2019 08:52Reply #76797
    No this is from this month
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 06:19Reply #76938
    She's not gaining.

    She's not dropping pounds at a Christian Bale rate, but she's not gaining. Y'all gotta learn to be happy with the fact you have a model you like, this whole behind-her-back thing of fetishizing her weight gain even though she has EXPLICITY said she's not into that anymore is... creepy at this point frankly.

    When did it become not enough to just enjoy porn? Now it's a goddamn debate about a model's lifestyle without just, y'know, asking her? She has a Twitter, you can send her direct messages for a fee on ManyVids.

    Oh wait, it's because you know she'd not respond positively, because it's 100% not cool to roll up with "Hey I know you have a sign on your site saying you will not do any more content with weight gain/belly-focused fetishes... but are you losing weight?"
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 06:22Reply #76939

    Also inb4 "lol dude chill it's just porn."

    Apparently fucking not, looking at the damn comments on this profile and her bbwchan thread. It's a goddamn months-long debate.

    Go jerk off, enjoy yourself. pay for your porn if you can. If you find yourself wanting to go beyond that and begin debating/giving a shit if a model loses weight or not... redirect that passion somewhere useful. Start writing erotica, learn to draw porn, do something with that dick energy instead of whining about a grown-ass woman not eating as much as you want her to (while not giving her any money or taking into account she doesn't like doing that).
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 07:12Reply #76945
    >>76938 the comments on this page are really just commenting on the fact that she hasn’t lost or isn’t losing weight right now, or isn’t losing at a fast rate. Nobody (who actually knows who she is) expects her to gain or make specific weight gain content or anything like that.

    And the people who say shit like that barely even know the name of the model and comment without any context around who she is and the content she actually likes producing.

    Is it obsessive? Sure. Does it mean anything to monitor her weight like this? No, it’s kind of silly. But is it extremely arousing to watch a model who only dabbled in this fetish for a short time but has unintentionally kinda ballooned? That’s priceless to this community. That’s why it’s such a big deal.

    Also the people who are actual fans have her snapchat and buy her videos on manyvids, so believe it or not, there are actually people who support her on here and not just say stupid shit like “she should gain more”
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 07:15Reply #76946
    >>76938 also, I want to know your opinion because I’ve thought of this, do you think she actually pays attention to what goes on online on sites like this and bbwchan? Like I feel like since she is against this fetish that she wouldn’t waste her time going to sites that promote it so why is it a big deal if there are debates on what she looks like her weight is?

    Also just to add in, I really hope nobody DMs her on any of her platforms and asks that, that’s disrespectful.

    A majority of us are happy we have a model we like. However it’s somewhat of a thrill to see her put out a video and then somehow look fatter than the last one. That’s the whole allure of her to a lot of us
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 16:10Reply #76974
    wow shes lost weight
  • guest - Wednesday 13 March 2019 19:36Reply #76982
    is this old? she looks smaller
  • guest - Thursday 14 March 2019 23:40Reply #77083
    >>76946 I think you may need to find more things to fill out your day, dude.
  • guest - Thursday 14 March 2019 23:53Reply #77085
    Chill homies. It's always a muthafucking debate in these comments instead of a muthafuckin nut
  • guest - Friday 22 March 2019 08:50Reply #77775

    I can't speak for KC directly but as someone who knows a few models: They spend more time than they'd like on fetish sites they don't particularly care for filing DMCA requests when their paid content is flat-out stolen.

    BBWchan links get nuked from orbit, so someone who represents KC or KC herself is definitely watching there, while paid shit of hers stays up on StufferDB forever.

    I'm sure she's not trawling every site, but she is definitely seeing some of the fetish comments on a regular basis.

    Hell, people know there's a fat community around KC. Some of her older videos get re-uploaded to PornHub with "fat" in the title in hopes people will think it's a newer video and watch it again.

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