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  • guest - Wednesday 16 January 2019 20:04Reply #71898
    Is she really gone for good? Her manyvids is still up
  • guest - Wednesday 16 January 2019 20:05Reply #71900
    Seems strange she'd say she's quitting b/c her bf found out, yet keeps her porn videos on the net lol
  • guest - Wednesday 16 January 2019 22:57Reply #71912
    She aint goin nowhere. This fetish makes you very in-to-yourself and she loves to cum
  • guest - Wednesday 16 January 2019 23:36Reply #71920
    I'd hate to see her leave. She's one of most gorgeous women I've ever seen, and her body is second to none.
  • guest - Thursday 17 January 2019 05:16Reply #71935
    R I P
  • guest - Thursday 17 January 2019 09:46Reply #71952
    Christ, how much does she weigh here?
  • guest - Thursday 17 January 2019 09:51Reply #71953
    I think she was 250 here
  • guest - Friday 18 January 2019 19:35Reply #72124
    >>71912 Until you start getting older, your libido diminishes, and you find out that your fetish is also a chronic health problem that is likely to only get worse going forward.
  • guest - Friday 18 January 2019 19:48Reply #72125
    Hispanic gainers are the most likely to get diabetes
  • guest - Saturday 19 January 2019 10:46Reply #72155
    Oh, so it's a racial stereotype why she says she's quitting now? Come on guys: what will be, will be.
  • guest - Saturday 19 January 2019 10:48Reply #72156
    She's not quitting - just not making paid content. She will still post on Tumblr just like she has for years
  • guest - Saturday 19 January 2019 14:39Reply #72169
    >>72155 I mean, it is true, medically speaking
  • guest - Sunday 20 January 2019 03:37Reply #72224
    The best on the web!
  • and1two - Sunday 20 January 2019 22:38Reply #72255
    1:32 AM 1/21/2019

    To all you Dr McCoys in the house, ONE, Diabetes can effect ALL human beings and animals, in part through diet and autoimmune. With diet, is formed mostly by habit, to eat this more than that, meaning foods that contain more salt and sugar over those that have less. The latter is your body not able to make the insulin necessary to handle the sugar intake. Being very overweight can increase your risk for this and many other serious health conditions, but it's not the only factor. Being underweight can also have health risks, aside from anorexia. Poor health habits in general can lead to health problems, You can be unhealthy without being overweight. For the most part, many of these things can be corrected.
    TWO, My medical advice to all of you Dr. McCoys, Stop the uniformed labeling, for it too is unhealthy, mentally. Think more carefully about what you so-call believe in. Lazy knowledge is
    not good knowledge. Do some real studying. This passing of misinformation helps nobody
    especially you for spewing it.
  • guest - Monday 21 January 2019 05:23Reply #72272
    99% of gainers are living a lifestyle that encourages diabetes, so everything you just said is irrelevant
  • and1two - Monday 21 January 2019 11:30Reply #72280
    ONE, It is relevant to everyone - including you and the other Dr.McCoys. You do not encourage bad health. It is practiced because of bad habits. TWO, Reading is fundamental or at least it should be for you. Reading the 2nd paragraph would've helped you to choose your words better.
  • guest - Monday 21 January 2019 21:52Reply #72308

    New vid, guess the bfs in on it too now?
  • guest - Tuesday 22 January 2019 04:46Reply #72320
    She said she and her bf agreed to let her keep selling old content but just not make new content
  • guest - Wednesday 30 January 2019 08:45Reply #73070
    Everyone rebel and dont buy the old content so she has to make new ones fuck what her bf wants

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