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  • guest - Monday 27 February 2017 21:19Reply #29023
    Too sexy!
  • guest - Tuesday 28 February 2017 01:16Reply #29033
    Please do more videos to show us how your progressing :)
  • guest - Tuesday 28 February 2017 02:38Reply #29037
    >>29033 I doubt I will see the day when natural selection finally exterminates all of the mentally challenged baboons that think these girls even read what they have to say. Maybe one day...
  • guest - Tuesday 28 February 2017 06:14Reply #29039
    Isn't it explicitly stated in the comment field? Like, how dumb can you get lmao
  • guest - Tuesday 28 February 2017 10:28Reply #29044
    I loled
  • Xen - Tuesday 28 February 2017 15:50Reply #29045
    Constantly tempted to add phrases like "you look" to the comment deny list if it isn't in the members section. Or a popup with a checkbox to confirm you're not about to do something dumb. If there's one thing I learned through web development, everyone except power users are dumb as fuck and never read anything. Site design is just making everything as simple as possible and forced limited to prevent fuckups to herd the cattle around without issues.
  • guest - Tuesday 28 February 2017 19:15Reply #29050

    You're doing gods work my friend.
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 00:48Reply #29059
    >>29050 lol... Praise be Xen, for he slaveth and toil for many erect penis satisfaction. He who gives so much yet ask for so little in return... praise be xen for he does the divine work and pays the ultimate sacrifice.... Ahhhhh-meeeeeeennnn
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 00:56Reply #29060
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 01:05Reply #29061

    Most adults these days are just big children that learned to drink and have casual sex
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 03:08Reply #29062
    >>29045 It would be a dream come true if you could implement that stupid filter idea
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 09:40Reply #29072
    >>29045 yo xen, how come all the comments on tianastummy's last few photos got axed? just askin
  • foxmccloud1 - Wednesday 1 March 2017 09:49Reply #29074
    >>29072 They didn't, I just turned them off for a few days because people wouldn't stop arguing. I turned them back on.
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 12:53Reply #29080
    >>29074 What was the argument about... was it something about morphs or fakes? Cause im pretty sure its all real right?
  • guest - Wednesday 1 March 2017 17:26Reply #29096

    Hey not a BOT. REAL bbw fan. I have great vids to trade?
  • Tree - Friday 3 March 2017 08:18Reply #29158
    It's all fun and games till someone directly addresses the model through a stufferdb comment...
  • guest - Friday 3 March 2017 19:22Reply #29184
    the solution is, deny posts containing YOU., YOU'RE and YOUR (just in case). will eliminate 99% of this bs
  • MasterMarik - Friday 3 March 2017 20:35Reply #29186
    >>29184 It'll also make the reply feature useless because then you can't reply to the person you're talking to.
  • specterfa - Friday 10 March 2017 04:58Reply #29492

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