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3e698032d05a523bb8801b1fe439ade613bc7a02.jpg ff27874ba8b765452d1340f2f36674e7503126a3Thumbnailscommission   lorelei and fantina by codenamebull d92deop-fullview
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  • guest - Friday 7 February 2020 16:16Reply #106226
    So great to see her looking so healthy. She was so tiny to begin with.
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 01:57Reply #106246
    Awesome. Simply awesome.
  • Makethatgirlfatter - Saturday 8 February 2020 04:07Reply #106252
    Something needs to be done about your washer and dryer. It seems to be shrinking your clothes and making you increasingly sexier.
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 06:50Reply #106259
    That has to be a hundred pound gain. At last.
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 07:27Reply #106261
    Oops! Sorry! Meant "at least."
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 08:36Reply #106264
    Love watching women get plump, then just plain fat, then seriously overweight, like this beauty.
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 14:01Reply #106279
    She's only 260lbs. Is that obese? I don't think she looks very big. Just a bit more than chubby.
  • guest - Saturday 8 February 2020 23:39Reply #106294
    She wears the weight gained so well. Although she was always cute to begin with.
  • guest - Monday 10 February 2020 02:11Reply #106339
    277 as of now! She's closing out z year of gaining strong
  • guest - Monday 10 February 2020 07:22Reply #106352
    Beautiful fat piggie, want to put 100 more pounds of fat on her.
  • guest - Monday 10 February 2020 14:01Reply #106381
    I agree. The extra weight is so firm and not flabby at all. It would be great to see her put on another hundred. The pounds really look great on her.
  • guest - Wednesday 12 February 2020 05:40Reply #106490
    I love flabby, hate "firm." Why would you want a chick to be firm? They should be blubber balls of bouncy flab, sagging with the extra weight, walking around with all their fat going blub blub blub
  • CantB2Big - Thursday 13 February 2020 08:36Reply #106532
    I love when they wear the same outfit so you can really see the gain. Her belly is like a sunset in reverse...bulging farther and farther out! So sexy.
  • guest - Wednesday 25 March 2020 13:19Reply #109177

    "Sunset in reverse"

    How bout a fucking sunrise?

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