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  • guest - Monday 3 February 2020 14:48Reply #105962
    God, look at those arms and that underarm fat. She's so fucking big now, it's incredible. Never thought she'd get so big, and definitely not this fast!
  • guest - Monday 3 February 2020 20:41Reply #105983
    She’s definitely one of the ones I find it hard to believe was ever thin. I love it, it’s just still shocking (in a good way) that someone can make themselves this fat.
  • guest - Monday 3 February 2020 20:42Reply #105984
    Also that stomach is majestic. Bigger!
  • guest - Wednesday 5 February 2020 08:23Reply #106047
    Holy fuck she’s getting so big!
  • guest - Wednesday 5 February 2020 18:35Reply #106085
    As a person, I hope she slows down. As an object of erotic fixation, I can’t argue with what she’s doing, it just so perfectly aligns with what I like to see in terms of effort and results. I don’t want to see her die but I also want her to be as fat as possible, contradictory as that might be.
  • guest - Wednesday 5 February 2020 19:13Reply #106086
    It's hard to resist continuing to gain when you're constantly being praised and encouraged by persuasive, handsome feeders on a daily basis
  • guest - Thursday 6 February 2020 16:09Reply #106139
    Her boyfriend is the GOAT pushing her like this. From some of her videos though she seems kind of into the morbid aspect though. Don't quote me though.
  • guest - Friday 7 February 2020 13:41Reply #106215
    >>106085 Seeing another comment like this one was a relief. I stopped following her for a while a few months back, and was absolutely floored when I saw how big she was. It was this strange mix of being mindblowingly aroused but very concerned, and I've yet to really feel that way about any of these models except BoBerry (and that's only because she's on the way to 700 pounds). Kitty is ridiculously sexy at her current incredible size, but idk, there's something unsettling about how fast she's gotten there.
  • guest - Monday 10 February 2020 16:48Reply #106398
    Has she said how her family has reacted


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